New Year Goals

Setting New Year Goals!

Have you done this yet?  Have you told yourself that you CAN and you WILL?


Lots of goals and plans being worked on today, the first day of the New Year.

Do you have any goals?  Until you write it down, it’s just a dream, that you may forget.  I highly recommend you write it down! Then it becomes a goals and better yet, break it down and make it something you can work on one step at a time.  Then it becomes a plan!  And watch the plan take action and before you know it, your goals and dreams are achieved.  How would that feel?  How would that feel at this time next year to CRUSH your goals you create today?  Well, you CAN and you WILL if you try!


I shared this photo with my amazing team this morning while I shared about the NEW YEAR and new goals…..etc!!
Yup, that’s me and my daddy and I was probably about 6-7 years old.

And I wanted to share it here too!

On New Year’s Day, I used to go out for a sail on my little sailboat dingy as a kid with my dad (I can’t believe I found this pic) and he and I, and our little dog ALFIE, would go down the canal in the freezing cold NY air and he would tell me about the new year and how great it was because you had the ability to start over and do with it whatever you wanted to. He always told me I could do and be whatever I wanted to. No limits, no boundaries, no excuses. We loved Champion sweatshirts, I probably even have one on In this pic, but he always said I could be the champion of whatever I wanted to be.

Maybe it was the fresh air,
maybe it was the time with him,
maybe it was the freezing cold water spray,
maybe it was the whole moment that created that sense of BRAND NEWness and starting over and having a CLEAN SLATE and even the fresh crisp smell in the air that I will never forget and always cherish.

Whatever it was, I always think of it.

I hope you have a ‘sailing’ moment today and put you all into make this year incredible!
You really do have the power to do anything you want with this year ahead!

Every year so many of us sit down and write new goals for the upcoming NEW YEAR. January 1 is a time to reflect on what we did the past year or did not accomplish in that year. I know for me it’s a time to sit back and list out what I am proud of, what I am grateful for, what I am genuinely excited to have been involved with.
It is also a time where I look at the things that I didn’t accomplish and ask myself “why”?
What factors influenced my results?
What were the things I could have controlled to get closer to the goal?
Or simply, was it just not time yet?
Could I have done more?
Could I have done better?

Today at breakfast, my family decided that we are going to sit down today and do this together, as a family. We will make a FAMILY dream board and all sit down and write out personal goals for the upcoming year. Does anyone else do this?

It’s time to start thinking about YOUR New Year if you haven’t already!
It’s time to stop beating yourself up over missed goals or lack of progress or the Christmas cookies and cocktails you have been over eating!
It’s time to take ownership of your actions and put a plan in place.
It doesn’t have to be extreme, it’s just time to start!

My next group of busy MOMs and DADs are ready to ROCK 2017 in my New Year New You Beachbody Health Bet Group. They are making NEW GOALS for the upcoming year and ready to CRUSH them together WITH me! We start FRESH tomorrow with a WEEK of PREP and we start our OFFICIAL challenge next Monday, January 9th and I have 3 spots left. And guess what, they are getting PAID to commit to a healthy LIFESTYLE and kick off 2017 right! Yeah, that’s right, earning MONEY in the HEALTH BET to do just that!

Want to be in my newest group……..check it out, fill out the form and claim your spot now! Or simply just send me a message. But hurry, these spots won’t last and the PAID challenge will MAX out!

And tonight we started off the new year right with a fun FAMILY NIGHT out!

Many many more of these this year as we create our family VISION boards tomorrow using these amazing worksheets!


Both can be found at:

Free 2017 Goal Setting Worksheet Printable


Stay tuned for more about VISION Boards and Goals Planning as my family creates ours!  Also, stay tuned for more on my new family planner and how we are going to use this in 2017 to keep us functioning HAPPY and HEALTHY with our GOALS as our main focus!

Happy New Year to all of you!  Please share some of your family goals with me!  I would love to hear them!



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