22 Minute Hard Corps Is Here

OK so I MET THEE Tony Horton!!!  I feel like I already know him from doing P90X five years ago, but to meet him was amazign!!! He is just so funny!!! Many people associate Tony Horton with P90X, which to me was one of the HARDEST workouts that I have ever done.  Push ups, pull ups, and[…]

Beachbody Performance

Beachbody Performance – not your average supplements Beachbody Performance™ is a premium supplement system that will help you turn your workout — and results — up a notch. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEW LINE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!  I love how it’s layed out, and ORGANIZED!  Each supplement is labeled and named[…]

What is PiYO?

DEFINE YOURSELF So you ask, what is PiYO? Carve an intensely defined physique—without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. Using your body weight, you’ll perform fluid, low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The result? Long, lean muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs. With PiYo, you’ll work every[…]

Beachbody On Demand and Club Membership

What Is Beachbody On Demand and Club Membership CHECK IT OUT here: The excitement for this is so out of CONTROL!!! I have so many friends that work, travel, don’t have access to a DVD player all the time.  So this is perfect for you if you are one of them!! I’m really excited about some[…]

21 day FIX Food Prep!

21 day FIX Food Prep! Sunday has become my FOOD PREP day since I started the 21 day FIX. Just a few of the things that I like to prepare. Ground turkey, grilled chicken on my George Foreman grill, baked turkey bacon, hard-boiled eggs, cooked sweet potatoes, mini egg muffins ( recipe in a previous post),[…]