Bethany Hamilton Flip Flops

Have you ever heard of thee BETHANY HAMILTON!?!?!?! Well, she is the amazing SURFER that lost her arm at age 13.  And she did not let that stop her!! Her dream was to become a PROFESSIONAL surfer and she DID!!  Check out her story here:   She has become a source of inspiration worldwide[…]

Elf on the Shelf Welcome

Who needs an Elf on the Shelf Welcome?   Every Elf on the shelf deserves a proper welcome or at least something to make his/her arrival special! Right?  Well if you don’t think so, then you probably are closing this page and moving right on.  You probably searched for Elf on the Shelf Welcome or something[…]

A Healthier Halloween

This year you CAN and you WILL have a HEALTHIER HALLOWEEN HERE are my 7 TRICKS for you before you even go out on HALLOWEEN! 20 Healthier Halloween Candy Choices OK, so it’s all still sugar-filled candy and inherently not great for you, but sometimes there’s no avoiding that sweet tooth. And while there may be no[…]