Peanut Pumpkin Protein Balls

Peanut Butter PUMPKIN Protein Balls! (say that 10 times fast!  My Math teacher from high school would love this!  PPP or P cubed, he used to call  me L cubed…..Lori Luttrell Lowenthal.  My fave Math teacher ever!)   Ok so here’s a sweet treat, a healthy snack or an energy booster that will help with all[…]

Brand New Country Heat

OK, Busy, Depressed, Anxious, Unorganized, & Stressed Moms, feeling like you are in too deep…….   Well, with this BRAND NEW fitness program, you can get back to YOU! Doesn’t it look fun, and something wonderful to do with your kids??!! Also, it follows the nutrition plan that I LOVE and has changed my life[…]

Getting the Kids to Help make School lunches

Do you know the best way to save time at night during the week? Getting the Kids to Help Make School Lunches!!!   Getting the kids to help make school lunches helps them become accountable, teaches them responsibility and also teaches them to appreciate all that you do for them!  So why not get them to assist.   How[…]