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If you are visiting this page you have either decided to become a coach on my team, The Flawless Empire, or you are thinking about it!  Congrats and WELCOME!




2.  If you have already enrolled as a coach, please visit this page:

3.  The FLAWLESS EMPIRE = Coach Training Page

what type of coach

This page was developed for you!  But first you will need to figure out what kind of coach you want to be.  This visual will help you decide!


This page is here to help you achieve ALL your goals in your coaching business, even those you didn’t know you had! The sky is the limit.  Actually, there IS no limit! The possibilities are endless!


  1. Brand NEW Coach Basics Training
  2. New Coach to Emerald Training
  3. Emerald to Diamond Training



4.  Important Documents and Resources:

Beachbody Power Hour

Business Activity Tracker

7 Day Quick Start

Power of 3’s

TBB Coach Mobile App Explanation

Suggested Personal Development Reading List

Useful Links



5.  Schedule a meeting with me now.


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