1-Star Diamond Rank Advancement

I made a 1-Star Diamond Rank Advancement Today

Today is a very exciting day for me as I made a 1-Star Diamond Rank Advancement.  I am so proud and humbled by the support that I have from my team, and of course my coach!  Not one day does this feel like a “job”.  I have enjoyed every bit of it and it’s all because of Beachbody.  There’s nothing like helping others being their journeys and achieve their health and fitness goals!  This was written and posted to FB by my coach today:


“Thursdays are always so exciting for me because it means RANK ADVANCEMENT in Beachbody. I am SO happy to announce that my personally sponsored coach, Lori Lowenthal Miggins, is officially qualifying as a ONE-STAR DIAMOND BEACHBODY COACH. For all of you non-Beachbody people I can’t tell you what a challenging feat this is, only the top .2% of coaches in the company reach this level. I am so proud of Lori’s accomplishments. She is one of the hardest working people I know. Lori shares her passion and is an absolutely wonderful coach, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

You make it all seem effortless, Lori. I am so proud of you.”

1-star diamond


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