Congrats To Me

Congrats to Me!



So today I was pleasantly surprised to have this amazing post on FACEBOOK from my coach!!  The one that started all of this for me.  So here it is:

This is LONG but IMPORTANT, so please read..

Today is a very special day for one of my dear friends, Lori Lowenthal Miggins. I am lucky enough to have gotten to know Lori over the years through one of my best friends, her brother, Alex Lowenthal. I will never forget connecting with one another again at Amber Lowenthal’s bridal shower. She had been watching me on social media and we started discussing Beachbody programs. Lori had been using the programs for years and wanted to get into a new one after having her third child, Dylan.

After a couple of weeks, Lori made the decision to join one of my challenge groups and began with Shaun T’s T-25 workout. We created a bond in this group and I will never forget her immediate passion for the program AND Shakeology. The physical transformation for both Lori and her husband, Robert Miggins, is apparent but what happened once she decided to become a Beachbody Coach is what was the game changer.

After finishing one of my challenge groups I asked her to become a Coach on my team because I saw the passion she had for Beachbody. Like me, she signed on initially as a discount coach to save on Shakeology. Team Flawless began to take shape on October 2014.

One of the words that I would use to describe Lori as a person is LOYAL. The reason I say that is because she will bend over backwards for her family, friends, challengers, AND her coaches. Not only that, but although she has gone on to create her own team she never forgot how it all got started and for that I am eternally grateful. We have worked together to grow an amazing group of challengers and coaches but the growth hasn’t stopped there.

Lori has created her OWN brand and knockout team, Lori Miggins Fitness – The Organized Mom and The Flawless Empire. She has reconnected with old friends and is also helping her own family seek physical, emotional and financial prosperity.

Today we celebrate, Lori for bringing her team to #30 out of ALL 409,000 coaches in Beachbody. She is considered a PREMIERE Coach and it is WELL DESERVED. Please recognize Lori and give her the congratulations that she deserves. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of you, Lori, not only as your Coach but more importantly your friend. You better watch out for this one, Carl Daikeler! — with Lori Lowenthal Miggins and Amber Lowenthal.

And here is my response to you MAREN!!

All I can say is wow! All I wanted to do is lose the baby weight and get to a place of comfort with my physical appearance. I just wanted to be comfortable in my own skin. And Beachbody programs allowed me to do that the RIGHT way. I eat clean FOOD, I workout!!! I maintain because I am HEALTHY!

Once I started helping others see that they can be happy with their physical appearance as well, it became a passion. I wanted to help as many moms like me. Then I wanted to help husbands, friends, grandmas, anyone that was unhappy with themselves. And it because so much more than PHYSICAL. It started to internalize.

I was helping others on the outside now, and I was helping myself on the inside.

And this journey just kept going from there and continues to go. Showing other coaches on my team how to help people made me a LEADER. A leader that I never thought I could BE. I always lacked self-confidence, I had doubt, I used to follow. NOW I LEAD. I believe in myself, I believe that I am worth MORE. All because of this amazing experience. And my coach telling me that I was worth more!

I always wanted to do more. And MORE is what was meant for me. And this is the MORE!

It’s amazing how things happen to come into your life at the right time. All of this awesomeness happens……….. and then I suddenly lose my mom. I hit a brick WALL!!! And besides my friends and family being there to lift me up, my amazing coach and team came through. They gave me hope and the courage to keep going because they BELIEVED in me. I was ready to just stop but there were too many that were counting on me. How could I stop? They were my fuel and continue to be.

I was not looking for this at all, but it CERTAINLY found me!
I’m honored and actually in tears reading all of this!

Thank you so much Maren Crowley! ObiWon!

I am truly HUMBLED today!  I enjoy doing every, single bit of this!  Thank you everyone for watching me and supporting me each and every day.

I’m just getting started!


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