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Live Event PromoAs many of you know, I have had a rough few months since I lost my mom, and a rough few years since I lost my dad just 4 years prior to that. Thinking back on when I lost my dad, I felt sorry for myself and my kids and my entire family. My dad was an amazing man, he was the center of our family. And then when we lost my mom, I was brought back to all of these “feeling sorry for myself” feelings again.

So, unfortunately I have learned this the hard way and I’m hoping that you can learn from me and don’t have to deal with what I dealt with to realize it……but, No matter what hardships you face, instead of dwelling on the past, choose to live in the NOW and LOOK FORWARD TO the future.

And no matter who chooses to put you down for your decisions along the way, TUNE THEM out! I have people all the time tell me that this COACHING thing is crazy, and why are you doing that, and what do you need to do that for, and you’re too old to start something like this, and you can’t be like them, and you don’t know what you’re doing, the list goes on and on.

What I have to say about this………Don’t get lost in the game of living for EVERYONE else. Listen to your heart and live for YOU! It’s never too late to be what YOU want to be! You can change or you can stay the same, because this is your life with NO RULES!

I am now walking around this life with a PURPOSE and a PASSION that chose me!
I am walking my OWN path and responsible for my OWN impact on this life, as are you!
I can choose to be depressed and feel sorry for myself or I can choose to look at all the good in it that is right in front of me and share that with as may people as I can.
It hasn’t been easy, but I am choosing to live in the NOW. I CHOOSE each day to listen and lead with my HEART.

16 months ago my heart said to join a challenge group thanks to my coach and then to become a coach thanks to my coach again.
I trusted my heart and her belief in me.
And I have now learned to accept that I have an awesome PURPOSE and it’s a darn good thing I trusted my heart, and my coach.

It’s amazing to look back and see where this team began before it was even a team and it’s amazing to see how far we have come in such a short period of time. Friendships have been formed, lives have been changed and of course weight has been lost. But most importantly, MINDS have been TRANSFORMED.

I have so many of my challengers and soon-to-be challengers asking me about my next OPEN HOUSE into my coaching team and I am excited to announce that we are having another one this MONDAY! Yes we have one every MONTH, sometimes twice a month because of the demand.

So, if you are reading this thinking that you may just have a missing piece in your life, you may want to live a life driven by passion and make a difference in the world, and you may want to fight for something bigger, message me! It’s amazing the difference that just ONE PERSON can make!
I’m here when you’re ready. And get ready for awesomeness, because my team is truly just that. AWESOME!

(So many coaches on this amazing team not featured in this graphic as PICMONKEY is just too hard to squeeze over 200 of them into it. PICMONKEY better upgrade because we are only continuing to grow!)

sneak peek

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If you are ready to become a Team Beachbody Coach and join my team, I am ready to be your mentor! I will train you to be the best COACH that you can be by sharing all of my success with you! Can't wait to get you started!

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