Super Sunday

Super Saturday on Sunday = SUPER SUNDAY!!


Long post alert……but I have to….

What an amazing day at SUPER SUNDAY today. This is a quarterly event that Beachbody holds all over the country. I was reminded of all the wonderful things that we as coaches are capable of doing for people. So many lives are changed and it’s so fun being a part of it. Learning about all of the new products that are to come, the new fitness programs that are being launched, it’s just so exciting what Beachbody has in store and it only continues to gets better every day.

Also today was a great reminder to keep doing what I’m doing. As a coach it’s hard to put ourselves out there and expect people to understand what it is that we do. But it’s the lives that I touch in my daily challenge groups which is the reason that I continue to do what I do. And then, once I have challengers turn into coaches and they get to pay it forward, it’s even more of a true inspiration and motivation to continue to be the best coach that I can be.

I heard so many stories today of coaches and challengers that continue to motivate me and inspire me to do what I’m doing and do an even better job tomorrow. It’s the stories that I love getting from my own challengers and coaches on a daily basis as well.

I truly feel that what I have been doing the last 8 months, since I started, has been my calling! And it’s days like today that remind me that I truly have.

So, what do I do exactly with all of this…… Well, I continue to be me. As a Beachbody coach I inspire and motivate people to lead a healthy and fulfilling life! It’s as simple as that!11099417_10104099370405692_8982613117354553684_n


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