Kids Braces

Kids Braces and the Palette Expander

So, my 10 year old got her palette expander and the experience was not as bad as we both thought!

When I was little I had to wear a night guard.  Yes, HEAD GEAR!!!  So when I was telling her about this, she was thrilled that hers would not be like mine was.

Step 1 – The Palette Expander

Here it is! My two year old said it looks like a crab.  So he says, “me see the crab?”



We have to turn it for the next few weeks, 3 turns per night.  And we have to use this tiny little key to do it.  Watch this video for some tips and tricks from my daughter herself, and some ideas of soft foods to help you get through those first few days of pain and discomfort.


We found that after a few days, chewing was a hassle.  She was in so much discomfort that shakes were the best for her!  Her favorite….. Chocolate Shakeology with banana, peanut butter and spinach.

Yup, Spinach!  And with Shakeology, I felt great about her skipping the meals we were eating, since this shake is LOADED with nutrition and superfoods.  My husband drink it every single day, never missing a day and I never will.

A few other things she really enjoyed that helped her with the discomfort……

soft crackers, soup, yogurt, ICE CREAM (of course), soft cheeses, banana, applesauce

That was it for a few days, much like the menu when you get your tonsils out.


We also had this cute little chart to use, so we found a cute little clipboard to hold it, with a fun pen and kept the “key” right there with it so we would’ve forget.  It was a nice sheet to check off and see what we have done and how many more days we have to go!



NEXT step – BRACES!!!  After a month with the expander, it was time for braces!

She got to choose the color of the bands!  Summer colors of course!



Her orthodontist is so much fuN!  She checks herself in too!

And we noticed this pic of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a favorite movie of my late mother’s (her special grandmother) that we unexpectedly lost less than a year ago.  We took it as a sign that she was watching us.




Stay tuned for an update soon!  The expander comes out soon!  And a few of her braces too.
She’s excited!

And we went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and, well, let’s face it, braces are hard to take care of! 😬Especially when you are 10.
So, the dentist recommended getting a water pik. I can’t believe we were able to find one just for kids! It’s green too, her favorite color. And it comes with stickers!



We love the STICKERS and the COLOR and the fact that she can make it her own!

You can get one here:

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