ShamROCKIN Challenge Group

It’s March Madness and my

ShamROCKIN Challenge Group

is about to get STARTed!image


πŸ€πŸ’šMy shamROCKin accountability group is filling up and getting ready for a week of prep! Here are a few of the things my challengers are excited for:

πŸ€Excited for the support!
πŸ€Excited for the accountability!
πŸ€Excited not to do this alone!
πŸ€Excited to take control!
πŸ€Excited to get healthy!
πŸ€Excited to do this at my own home!
πŸ€Excited to get some ME time!
πŸ€Excited to have more energy!

The texts I get from my challengers the minute they commit is beyond excitement!

I have been told by many the day after they commit that it feels like:
πŸ’š being given that GOLDEN opportunity.
πŸ’šThe time you landed your first job.
πŸ’šThe time you went on your first date.

I just love all this and we haven’t even started yet! I still have a few spots left!
Message me if you want to feel any of the above!



Hurry up before the spots get filled up! Β I hope to see you in my group!






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