Bug Bites  

Ok, so here’s the situation, we went away on a week’s vacation and……………no seriously.  We were in NY for a week, and my daughter got bug bites at random times of the day no matter what or where we were.

Then we came back to FL, and on the 4th of July we were out watching early fireworks before dusk in the front yard, and she got NAILED!!!!  Both legs, at least 5 on each leg and they instantly turned into welts!  The size of a half-dollar or more!  No one else got any bug bites, just her!

Anyone else ever have that kid that gets bit no matter what?  I hate using bug spray because most are full of chemicals and I haven’t found any that seem to work anyway.

But more importantly, I haven’t found anything that works for bug bites after you get them.  We have tried everything!  Benadryl cream, spray, hydrocoritsone, afterbite, even a PRESCRIPTION ointment, YOU NAME IT!  We’ve tried it.  Even the warm spoon method, the inside of a banana.  NOPE!!!

Well, a very good friend of mine recommended Benadryl’s newest creation.  Itch Stopping GEL!!!

And………DING DING DING, it’s a winner!!  My daughter said it stopped the itching IMMEDIATLEY and the welts appeared to disappear right before our eyes.  She is so happy to finally have something! So, I’m a believer and I just had to share!

Now, to find a good, safe Bug Spray that really works so that we don’t even have to use this stuff!

Let me know if you have any suggestions!







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