Cucumber Hummus Roll Ups


(right from the FIXATE cookbook)image

This is such a FUN snack to prepare with your kids!  Or just have them do it!

You just have to prepare the cucumbers and the peppers.




sauteed peppers (color of your choice)

This recipe is so easy your kids can do it!  Mine did!

Slice the cucumbers with a MANDALIN (for best results) or you can use a vegetable peeler.

Saute the peppers in a little olive oil.

Then just assemble them:

  1.  Spread the cucumber with hummus (we flipped over an unused cookie sheet to give a nice r  raised surface to work on.
  2.  Place 2-3 peppers in each one,
  3.  Roll them up,
  4.  Stick with a toothpick.
  5. Refrigerate or eat RIGHT AWAY.  The Hummus will start to get runny.

That’s it!  As fun as they are to make, they are even more fun to eat!

TRY THEM!  And get your kids IN the kitchen.


Hears to Healthy Snacking with your kids!


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