Dog Valentine Box

Check out how we created this adorable DOG VALENTINE BOX from our SHAKEOLOGY box!

I don’t know about you but when my kids come home with projects, I cringe.  Especially open-ended with not much guidance.  And for VALENTINE’s day, they always need a SHOEBOX.  And this organized MOM does not keep shoeboxes! Buuuuuuut, I always have a SHAKEOLOGY box laying around!


So, check out what we did!



My daughter loves DOGS!  So of course we had to make a DOG box somehow!  With a few simple cuts, and some heavy duty tape, we created the base!  Then, with some fancy Valentine’s day scrapbook paper, we covered it!  (don’t forget to make the “mail slot”!)


Then we made the rest!  Of course we had to add a bow, it’s girl pooch!
The head was a little flimsy, so you could either use card stock or use the pieces that you cut from the original box as support on the back!


How cute is this?  My little girl was just thrilled an she added all of her finishing touches!  She even added her name with some fun stickers!

It’s really amazing what you can turn a box into!


I hope this helps inspire you to create something wonderful for your little Valentines this year!!  Remember, have fun with those kiddoes, they grow up way to fast!

Share below what you make with yours!  Would love to see!

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