Learning Websites

There are just so many LEARNING WEBSITES out there for kids!  How do we know which ones are good and which ones are not.

Well, besides the ones that my kids are REQUIRED to do at school, I have found that these 10 are the best FREE ones that you are available!

Check them out:

1.  www.switcheroozoo.com – All about ANIMALS, Animals, ANIMALS!!!

2.  www.funbrain.com – Lots of fun for your brain, get it!  HA!  Math and reading skills games!

3.  www.kidsnationalgeographic.com – Learn all about geography and fascinating animals!

4.  www.pbskids.org – Need I say more.  All of their fave characters all in one place

5.  www.reading.ecb.org – Here you go into the book!!!  It’s so cool that you can play games while practicing reading strategies!

6.  www.starfall.com – This is a fave of mine from when I used to teach.  Lots and lots of PHONICS skills practice.  App fro the phone too!

7.  www.seussville.com – Who knows Dr. Seuss??  Here you can read and play games with all of his characters!

8.  www.storylineonline.net – MOVIE stars reading our favorite kids books aloud!  How cool is this!

9.  www.abcya.com – Who doesn’t love to reinforce math and reading skills while playing games

10.  www.highlightskids.com – If you get the magazine you will love this one!  Kids will read and play games while conducting SCIENCE experiments!


Let me know which is your favorite!  And let me know if you know of any other really great ones out there!!  Would love to review and add it to my list!



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