Study Aids

Kids should have lots of different Study Aids for different types of tests.  

Lots of kids have VOCABULARY to study for in many different subject areas!  And the good old fashioned FLASH CARDS may be useful, but they are sort of, let’s face it, BORING.

So here is what we do!  My 4th grader comes home with a sheet like this.  I photocopy it and I then we CUT out the strips of each one separately.  So, the word is by itself and the rest is all in tact.

Then we take a pencil and write a number on the word and the same number on the definition of the word.  So they MATCH!!  This was the child is able to check his/her own work!image

Here is my daughter matching up the words with their definition!image

Here she is checking to see if her matches are correct!


My daughter needed assistance with this in the beginning, but now she is doing this completely on her own all across every subject that she needs to memorize definitions or anything that can be studied by matching.

I will try to add more and more SUCCESSFUL Study Aids as we come across them so come back often!


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