Free Shaun Week

  💥FREE GROUP is ready to be filled!💥 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 I am so so excited to launch this FREE group this month! It is different than any other FREE group I have ever run before and that’s because there are SO MANY FREE opportunities here! . ~ Shaun T – creator of …..INSANITY, T-25, MAX 30?[…]

Summer Calendar

The BEST SUMMER CALENDAR ever!! My girls were so excited when I came home with this today. We did this last year too! ☀️ A special link was created for this Calendar here! Created by Hand Lettered Design! Subscribe to their blog HERE for more FREE STUFF! I love everything they have!  It’s incredible what they[…]

Unicorn Bark

UNICORN BARK FROM THE BEACHBODY BLOG and we had to TRY it! Prep time 20 mins Total time 20 mins Eat like a unicorn with this rainbow unicorn bark made from Vanilla Shakeology, yogurt, and fruit! Author: Beachbody Recipe type: Shakeology Serves: 6 servings Ingredients Parchment paper 2¼ cups reduced-fat (2%) plain yogurt, divided use[…]