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I started coaching in September 2014.  The team that is above us is TEAM FLAWLESS and the team above that, is the BOMBSHELL DYNASTY.

 And, I know this may sound like a lot of nonsense to the non Beachbody Coach individuals, but we represent a very large part of Beachbody as a whole.

I am one of the founders of Team Flawless, but as I grew, I needed to begin my own team! Hence, the birth of the FLAWLESS EMPIRE!  My team consists of well over 150 coaches now, in just over 1 year! We are a fast growing team and currently number 30 out of over 380,000 teams in just 11 months!

And we are unstoppable as this number goes up daily, helping individual’s lives every day!  To say that I am proud is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT!


Our Vision Statement –

To empower a healthier you by embracing your flaws and not allowing them to diminish your true value through incorporating fitness and nutrition as a part of your everyday life.


Our Mission statement –

We are a team of committed and caring coaches who are striving to empower challengers to obtain a healthier lifestyle.  We do this by providing high quality coaching and guidance to all of our challengers throughout their own journey and by keeping them motivated with their nutrition and health goals from start to finish. We guide them on this journey as they move closer to becoming the person they want to become and achieving the goals they want to achieve.

We know that everyone has flaws, there’s no one perfect.  But when we guide our challengers to see past these flaws and not allow them to diminish their TRUE value, they can all become FLAWLESS!

We stand behind our promise to make every one of our challengers feel FLAWLESS.  We do this to help people fulfill their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life

We do this by committing and delivering on our promise and treating people with respect.  We take initiative to constantly improve everything we do. We work with passion, enthusiasm and team work!  We are the FLAWLESS EMPIRE!

From some of my very own coaches:

“You push me to be a better person and coach. I watch what you do and try to model it. That marks a true leader.” ~ K. V.

“Thank you Lori! The reason this team is so great is because of you. You lead by example with your passion and your love and your beautiful spirit. I’m serious. I consider myself blessed to have become a part of this with you. And thank you so much for your kind words. Your enthusiasm makes me stronger and less afraid to share these things!  That’s what happens when you put goodness out in the world. It comes back to you and fills you up.” ~R. C.

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I would be happy to have you on my team and teach you everything I know about being a successful Team Beachbody Coach and obtaining a substantial income!  Join me in helping individuals with their health and fitness, because EVERYONE MATTERS!


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If you are ready to become a Team Beachbody Coach and join my team, I am ready to be your mentor! I will train you to be the best COACH that you can be by sharing all of my success with you! Can't wait to get you started!


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