Getting the Kids to Help make School lunches

Do you know the best way to save time at night during the week?

Getting the Kids to Help Make School Lunches!!!


Getting the kids to help make school lunches helps them become accountable, teaches them responsibility and also teaches them to appreciate all that you do for them!  So why not get them to assist.


How can I do this?

With fun lunch boxes from it’s fun and easy!  My girls helped me make their lunches for the week, after we checked the school lunch calendar and they decided that they didn’t want to buy at all this week.  I usually get at least 1, maybe 2 days off from making their lunch as they do like to buy school lunch once in a while.  But this week’s lunch choices were, let’s just say, not their favorites!

Didn’t matter to me because when you make 1 lunch, you might as well make them all while you have all the stuff out.  And, we are able to keep a variety going.  My girls are both pretty good eaters.  So, they love anything from “sub” sandwiches, to homemade lunchables, to PB&J.  We make sure to plan the deli meat sandwiches for the beginning of the week, and the PB&J for the end of the week.

This simple Sunday evening task helps save so much time during the week and the kids will have fun doing it too!  Try it!




Check out for these awesome, sectioned, colored containers.

Or go directly to this link:





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