Organizing kids lunches!

What is a good way of ORGANIZING KIDS LUNCHES?

Try these awesome containers from EASYLUNCHBOXES.COM.  With so much to do during the week, the dreaded 9pm thought of ‘I forgot to make the KIDS LUNCHES‘ is something that I don’t have to think about if I am prepared. Here’s how I avoid it all week by taking a few extra minutes on Sunday.

Organizing Kids Lunches gets me alot of questions about what I pack for them.  The first 2 days is usually PBnJ or PB sandwiches, I have one daughter who doesn’t do jelly.  The other 2 days are turkey/ham roll ups, no bread!  And, they buy lunch on Fridays.  The fruit mix has a little lime juice sprinkled on for freshness.  The other spot is for chips, pretzels, or something snacky!  I even found mini colored forks at PUBLIX!  The girls get so excited for these little things!
They fit in my kids Pottery Barn Kids lunch bags.
And, the containers stack so nicely and fit in my garage refrigerator. So I just pull them the morning of school and Voila!!


Check out how to get your own here:


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