Reading Corner

Since the girls are back at school, I have so many projects that I have on my to do list.  And many of them have to do with………………….ORGANIZING!!!

So I tackled the first one already!  Guess what I did with this great empty corner in the playroom?????

The kids all have separate reading book shelves in their room with Loads and Loads of books.  And let’s face it, how many books do you really read at once? ONE!!!  Especially now since my girls are getting into chapter books too!  So, we went through all of their books from each of their rooms…………………….

The baby’s room!

Taylor’s closet…….yeah, in the closet!  Yuck!


And, Morgan’s room!

We carefully went through each and every book together last week before school started!  And we donated a ton of them to charity!image

And we now have this amazing Reading Corner in our playroom!  
I would say it was a success!

The kids love it and that’s all that matters!

And now we know where all of our books are!

Can’t wait to tackle the next project!

Hope this inspires you to Organize Something!


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