Tips for a Healthy Day at Sea World

Sea world

My little girls (and the baby too) are thrilled to go to Sea World tomorrow!  Living in Orlando, you would think we go all the time, but we just don’t.  Every year we plan to purchase a pass, but it never happens.  And, this time, our neighbors won free passes and gave them to us.  So, we are going!  We were just there in December, as friends gave us some passes then too.  We have been pretty lucky.  But I was unprepared last time!

The worst thing about Theme Parks can be the food.  So, this time, I’m packing smart!


We will be bringing:

  • THE PASSES (can’t forget those)
  • SUNSCREEN, hats and sunglasses
  • Jackets – for ANTARCTICA and the Penguin Exhibit and Ride
  • Shoes for the baby – last time he couldn’t go on the Penguin ride because I didn’t have shoes for him.  Too cold I guess.
  • Hand Sanitizer

Healthy Snacks in the picture:

  • Mine and My husband’s SHAKEOLOGY
  • Mini French Toast Muffins (21 day FIX approved from a fellow coach of mine)
  • goldfish
  • veggie straws for the 15 month old (fave snack)
  • veggies and guacamole travel pack
  • apples
  • bananas
  • fruit cups
  • peanut butter travel pack
  • KIND bars
  • Quest Bars
  • Organic Granola Bars
  • Organic Fruit Bars from Trader Joe’s
  • Almonds
  • Yogurt Raisins
  • Organic Gummy snacks
  • frozen Yogurt Sticks (not shown)
  • Waters (not shown)
  • juice cup for the baby (not shown)

This should hold us all over until dinner!  Here’s to a super fun FAMILY DAY!  Hoping these TIPS FOR A HEALTHY DAY AT SEA WORLD help you on your future trip one day too!


And, for those of you following the 21 day fix meal plan, this was my day:

At the park:

1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Purple – Shakeology with 1/2 banana and spinach

1 Yellow, 1/2 Red – 2 Mini French Toast Muffins

1/2 R, 1/2 Y – 1/2 Quest Bar

1 Green, 1 Red – Salad with grilled chicken (No dressing)

1 Purple – 1 apple

1/2 Red, 1/2 Yellow – 1 Quest bar

At home:

1 Green, 1 Blue – Veggies with Hummus

1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Orange – Salad with Chicken


Total – 4 1/2 Red, 2 Yellow, 4 Green, 2 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Orange




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