Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Tonight we had Cauliflower Crust Pizza and it was HEAVENLY!!!

It requires some time and prep, but it is well worth it especially when you are doing the 21 day FIX and you don’t want to use a yellow.  The crust is made from CAULIFLOWER so it’s a GREEN!  AHHHHH!!!  Isn’t this amazing!


Watch this video to learn how to make it:



Here’s what my cauliflower looked like after I put it in the food processor:


It needed to be squeezed out a ton, and I didn’t have a cheese cloth, so I used a very thin kitchen towel.  Worked GREAT!

After I added all of the spices, I spread it out on the cookie sheet in a square.  MAKE SURE YOU SPRAY THE SHEET FIRST.  I used Coconut Oil Spray.  You could use Olive Oil Spray.



When I opened the oven to check on it while it was cooking, I wish you could smell what I smelled.  All those spices in that crust, YUM!!!!

I layered on a can of diced tomatoes, 1/2 turkey sausage, 1/2 ground turkey, mozzarella cheese, diced red and yellow peppers as well as a few long cuts of both colored peppers just because I had some extra.


And here is it!  It was deeeeeeeelish!!

Here’s the count per serving which was about 3 squares. I cut it into 8 large squares.

1 Red – ground turkey or sausage

2 green – crust, peppers, diced tomatoes

1 blue – cheese




Cook the crust longer before adding the toppings.  The edges were crispy, but the middle was a little soggy.  I probably needed to wring out more of the water, but it was still delicious!  The kids loved it too, just like she said in the video!



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