Healthy Superbowl Eats

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL with some HEALTHY SUPERBOWL EATS?

Who says you can’t eat clean while watching the SUPERBOWL?

Super Bowl Sunday is America’s second-biggest eating day, right after Thanksgiving. And just like Turkey Day, certain foods have become game day mainstays. I check out some stats on just how much AMERICANS will be scarfing down and the average household buys 6,000 calories worth of snacks per person! YIKES!   I put together some of my fave recipes so you won’t have to put on your stretchy pants and snack like a linebacker.  You can still stick to your healthy eating and get all the same tastes, just in a healthy and clean way!

According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will consume 1.25 billion chicken wings this Super Bowl weekend. UNREAL!

Let’s face it, no matter what team is playing in the big game on Sunday, it’s all about two things……the commercials and the FOOD!

These are my top, go-to, most-requested HEALTHY SUPERBOWL EATS!







BBQ Chicken Pizza –




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I hope you enjoy them and the BIG GAME!

Report back and tell me your faves!


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