Pineapple Coconut Waffles

Who knew you could make Pineapple Coconut Waffles!?!?

Yes!  That’s what it says, doesn’t it sound Tropical?  After our weekly trip to Trader Joe’s last week, they were giving away samples of them!  So of course we have to go home and try to make them.  They were so easy to make and a huge hit with my kids!

Trader Joe’s makes it so easy, especially if you have a waffle maker.  If not, just make pancakes!
We simply followed the recipe on the box and just added pineapple juice instead of water.  Served with a little pineapple on the side, and you feel like you are on vacation.  TROPICAL BREAKFAST is served!  The kids loved them.  I think I may even sprinkle some shredded coconut on top next time!



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