Yogurt Parfaits

Did you know that Yogurt Parfaits could be so pretty and fun to eat!?

Do you want a Healthy Dessert treat for your kids, or even for you? And it’s even 21 day FIX approved!


So simple and looks so fancy when you are all finished!  And the kids love to make them all by themselves!

First you have to get a few fancy parfait cups, but you could just use a fancy drinking glass too.  The girls got these at a birthday party and they love using them!


Ingredients needed:

Plain Greek Yogurt if on the 21 day fix mixed with Vanilla extract and honey, or any flavor yogurt for the kids


fruit of any kind


Just layer the fruit and yogurt in a pretty pattern.  We put the yogurt first, then fruit, then sprinkled granola.  We then repeated this.  The girls wanted to repeat again, but the glasses just weren’t big enough!


Top it off with a large piece of fruit for looks, or even a cherry!  ENJOY!!!





We make these several times a week!  I think I need to get some new parfait cups!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!



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