Chocolate Coconut Shakeology

I love Chocolate and I LOVE Coconut!!!  So, I created the CHOCOLATE COCONUT SHAKEOLOGY!!!  Very similar to a mounds bar feeling, which happened to by my mom’s favorite.  I never used to like coconut as much, perhaps she is living through me a tad lately. Well, I certainly hope she is.

So here is my NEW favorite Concoction for my daily dose of dense superfood NUTRITION!!

It’s pretty simple:

8-10 ounces of cold WATER

8-10 cubes of ICE (i go heavy because I like it thick like a milkshake)

1 leveled scoop of chocolate Shakeology

1 TABLESPOON of Organic Coconut Extract (i got this at Homegood, YUP!!!)

*optional  – 1/2 frozen banana for added creaminess and 1/2 cup of FROZEN Spinach)


BLEND and ENJOY!!!  Serve it in a fancy glass or mug and sprinkle with some fresh grated coconut!




Let me know how you like it!

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Chocolate Coconut Shakeology


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