Chocolate Honey Pumpkin Spice Shakeology

  It’s #THIRSTYTHURSDAYĀ and it sounds like the perfect time for this: šŸŽƒCHOCOLATEĀ Honey PumpkinĀ Spice ShakeologyšŸŽƒ While we PREPARE for this horrific hurricane, we make sure that we have the HEALTHIEST meal of the day on hand for us at all times no matter where we go. I mean, we don’t need anything for it, just water[…]

Yogurt Berry Crunch Bar

Just discovered thisĀ SIMPLE breakfast treat or really any time treat that we like to call YOGURT BERRY CRUNCH BARs!!! Ā They are just so simple to make! But keep in mind that it is YOGURT and you are FREEZING them, so you can not have at room temp, they must be frozen or else it will[…]