BEAUTYCOUNTER Kids Bath Collection

Let’s talk about our KIDS!!!  OK!!  I love to talk kid stuff!  Well, I bet we can all relate to this one: As a mom in 21st century, doesn’t it seem like we are always looking for the next best thing? And by thing I mean product. That next great product that is environmentally friendly, safe for my[…]


With FALL comes APPLES!!! But how well do you really know your apples?  I had no idea there were so many different kinds until I saw this awesome article about all things apples.  It’s from Cooking Light ! And this sparked me to do some research!     Some of the most common apples are these[…]

CLEAN Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

My kids LOVE TO BAKE!!!  Especially cookies!  So I raided the cupboard (yes I said cupboard, you can call it a pantry) and I took everything out.  And we modified the OATMEAL COOKIE RECIPE to make it CLEAN and HEALTHY!!! CHECK OUT ALL THOSE HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!!!  Not the ingredients we used as a kid!  But,[…]