Avocado Fudge Brownies

AVOCADO FUDGE BROWNIES!   This recipe is modified from the BEACHBODY BLOG.  You can switch out ingredients as you wish to get the same feel.  And it won’t feel like CHEATING because you aren’t!!!  Not with these! Not only do avocados add a boost of healthy fats, they also intensify the flavor of chocolate and[…]

Chocolate Coconut Shakeology

I love Chocolate and I LOVE Coconut!!!  So, I created the CHOCOLATE COCONUT SHAKEOLOGY!!!  Very similar to a mounds bar feeling, which happened to by my mom’s favorite.  I never used to like coconut as much, perhaps she is living through me a tad lately. Well, I certainly hope she is. So here is my NEW[…]

A Healthier Halloween

This year you CAN and you WILL have a HEALTHIER HALLOWEEN HERE are my 7 TRICKS for you before you even go out on HALLOWEEN! 20 Healthier Halloween Candy Choices OK, so it’s all still sugar-filled candy and inherently not great for you, but sometimes there’s no avoiding that sweet tooth. And while there may be no[…]